Being Doll

Being Doll

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In this second volume, following Dolls a Clowns a Things, the author once again explores the symbolic relationship between the self and the object. This time, however, the possible fundamental role of cognitive consonance, characterized here as the ability of the mind to integrate opposing ideas into a single expanded understanding of Self, is studied in terms of how it might relate to the following three categories of intuitive experience. One, my physical object, in which consonance or a€œwholenessa€ expands onea€™s understanding of Self when ideas about a€œyoungnessa€ and a€œoldnessa€ become integrated as part of episodic memories that involve an actual physical (toy) doll. Two, my objectified being, in which consonance takes place when, again, ideas about a€œyoungnessa€ and a€œoldnessa€ become integrated through the metaphoric objectification of certain points located on the human female body. And three, in which consonance develops as a€œyoungnessa€ and a€œoldnessa€ ideas become integrated through a doll as a work of art. Within the theoretical framework of each of these three categories, various psychological dynamics which encompass memory, metaphor, and neuroplasticity, are understood to be essential to the molding and shaping of onea€™s subjective experience of a€œdolla€.... 3.5A Selection of Tools for Sculpting by Tom Oroyan 3.6 Ideal Workspace by Tom Oroyan 3.7 Harriet by Lisa Lichtenfels 3.8 Baby by Susanna Oroyan 3.9 Untitled by OOAKningyo ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I want to thank many individuals foranbsp;...

Title:Being Doll
Author:Lisa Pavlik-Malone
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-07-24


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