Believe In Me

Believe In Me

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Medieval Romance. Lady Cristianaa€™s plan to seek revenge against her mothera€™s murderer is cut short when a world-weary knight arrives to escort her to her new guardian, a powerful bishop. Cristiana refuses to become a ward of the bishop whom she suspects was involved in her mothera€™s death, but the knight leaves her no choice. Sir William de Bremont hopes to earn a second chance at the life he was given but believes he doesna€™t deserve. Serving the bishop seems the perfect solution, except Lady Cristiana thwarts him at every turn, captivating him body and soul. Cristiana has the unique ability to heal the sick through her touch. Accustomed to hiding her gift, the wall shea€™s built to protect herself crumbles under Williama€™s passionate regard. Honor-bound to deliver her despite her protests and his own doubts, William reluctantly fulfills his vow only to realize the depth of his mistake. As William and Cristianaa€™s love grows, they realize the bishop plans to use her ability to fulfill his own destiny with little concern for the life of others, including Cristianaa€™s. The bishopa€™s treachery comes to light, forcing Cristiana to choose between revenge or the love of a lifetime.One of the menat-arms had sworn hea#39;d spotted a rabbit and left in search of it. The others sent him off with ... Sister Mawde found an apple tree near the edge of the meadow that still held a few pieces of fruit. ... The memory of their kiss sent butterflies dancing in her middle. ... Very much in fact. ... Soon a fire was built and the meat was roasting nicely, sending an appetizing aroma into the cool evening air.

Title:Believe In Me
Author:Lana Williams
Publisher:Lana Williams - 2013-08-13


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