Beryllium Chemistry and Processing

Beryllium Chemistry and Processing

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This book introduces beryllium; its history, its chemical, mechanical, and physical properties including nuclear properties. The 29 chapters include the mineralogy of beryllium and the preferred global sources of ore bodies. The identification and specifics of the industrial metallurgical processes used to form oxide from the ore and then metal from the oxide are thoroughly described. The special features of beryllium chemistry are introduced, including analytical chemical practices. Beryllium compounds of industrial interest are identified and discussed. Alloying, casting, powder processing, forming, metal removal, joining and other manufacturing processes are covered. The effect of composition and process on the mechanical and physical properties of beryllium alloys assists the reader in material selection. The physical metallurgy chapter brings conformity between chemical and physical metallurgical processing of beryllium, metal, alloys, and compounds. The environmental degradation of beryllium and its alloys both in aqueous and high temperature condition are presented. The health and environmental issues are thoroughly presented the current requirements and established practices for handling beryllium in the workplace are available. A thorough list of references will assist the user of this book.1400 a€“2240 ppm Fe 1300 a€“ 1400 ppm Fe 1200 a€“ 1300 ppm Fe 600 a€“ 800 ppm Fe 19.8 Summary of the relationship ... This expression applies only over the range of impurities examined, namely, 410 to 2200 ppm Fe, 350 to 1610 ppm Al, anbsp;...

Title:Beryllium Chemistry and Processing
Author:Kenneth A. Walsh
Publisher:ASM International - 2009-01-01


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