Best Thing From - Volume 1

Best Thing From - Volume 1

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The Excellent Debut Book From Two of the Funniest People on the Internet!If you like tongue in cheek and ironic British humour, then this book has it in spades... Kev and Steve met on their first day at university in 2009. The conversation went something like this: Steve: a€œHi, Ia€™m Richard.a€ Kev: a€œI already know a Richard, Ia€™m going to call you Steve.a€ Steve: a€œOKa€ Within a year, theya€™d started the Best Thing From Podcast because a man named Allen claimed to have the best potatoes in Lincolnshire (he didna€™t). In Best Thing From - Volume 1, Kev and Steve irreverently tackle topics ranging from Crisps to Doctor Who and passing through Twitter, Football, Banking and lots more on the way.gaming laptop, a WiiU, a Vita, a 3DS, a Kindle Fire, a PS4, an Xbox One and an iPhone with the money Ia#39;ve saved, and therea#39;s ... that all that stuff was for me and the holiday would havebeen for thekids, theya#39;ve alsohad tablets, iPhone/iPods, games consoles, a TV. ... Kev) and it was fantastic, Ia#39;d love todo more butIagree withKevthatthe money could be better spent elsewhere. ... One of my favourite holiday memories is from when I was about 7 or 8 and we went on holiday to Spain.

Title:Best Thing From - Volume 1
Author:Kevin Chapman, Richard Bass
Publisher:Kesteven Media -


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