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In America, more money is spent from all sources on K-12 education than on the U.S. Department of Defense. Why then are so many children suffering what amounts to educational malpractice? Why are they crippled for life with a substandard education and a life-altering vision of themselves as 'incapable'? Betrayed is a passionate, well-researched and frank accounting of how a failing public-education system continues to be forced on teachers and students, despite its nearly complete lack of supporting research or successful student outcomes. Betrayed roots out the self-styled 'stakeholders' whose personal, professional and financial interests are served by this failing system. It sympathizes with teachers_many of whom aren't allowed to do their jobs, yet are constantly threatened with removal for 'ineffectiveness' or 'insubordination.' Betrayed is an expose, but it's also a beacon of commonsense and hope. Through the 'Square of Effective Learning, ' Betrayed offers practical methods for teachers, parents, advocates and legislators to stand up against this broken system, to effect positive change, and to ensure a good-quality education for all of our children.Grade Reading Math Writing Science 3rd Grade 64.2% 64.7% 4th Grade 80.0% 65.2% 46.2% 5th Grade 66.7% 47.4% _ ... going in the wrong direction for an entire decade, wasting your money and putting your childrena#39;s futures in jeopardy .a€.

Author:Laurie H. Rogers
Publisher:R&L Education - 2011-01-16


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