Beware The Heart Of Darkness

Beware The Heart Of Darkness

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Take witness to a zombie apocalypse that would give even the master of horror, George A. Romero, chills. Modern day Phoenix, Arizona is well-known for its universities and thriving economy. Each year, the southwestern scenery brings thousands of tourists to the streets. In the year 2017, the streets will be filled with zombies and the ravaged bodies of their victims. What happens when an unstoppable computer virus meets social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube? And what if that virus turned people into hollow, vicious zombies that rip every living thing apart? An ethically dubious and love-struck man must rise to power to lead a small group of uncertain survivors. His ascension to the top just may start the descent of society into the grasp of the undead. The survivors are packing heat and they're packing secrets that can disrupt the already fragile line between new life and a brutal death. Will power struggles and mind games tear the survivors apart before the zombies can? Will humanity fall in this last stand against an overwhelming supernatural force? ...Open Your Heart Embrace The Horror Buta€b Beware The Heart Of Darkness... the word a€œnewsa€ has to be said with air quotes. Crime and scandal became more than rampant while journalist integrity became incongruent with the standard business practices. So, what was deemed a€œnews-worthy, a€ was laughable.

Title:Beware The Heart Of Darkness
Publisher:World Of Reyn - 2014-10-16


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