Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity

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A billion years from now a human woman is created from data held within the Library of Life. Her birth could result in the destruction of the cosmos . . . A rogue element in an increasingly unstable, she draws the attention of a mysterious alien breed. Already masters of travel between parallel universes they believe this girl is the key to changing all reality. And if they track her down, the effects on the galaxy will be cataclysmic. Beyond Infinity is an epic far future thriller from an author who is both a master storyteller and a highly respected scientist.Cley was subdued for most of the voyage to the moon. ... The lunar landscape was a jagged creation of sharp mountains and colossal waterfalls. ... To kindle this, a rain had fallen for a thousand years in droplets the size of a human hand.

Title:Beyond Infinity
Author:Gregory Benford
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-02-25


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