Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films

Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films

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Movies which have drawn inspiration from the Bible, either directly or indirectly, have been extremely popular since the earliest days of cinema. Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films introduces a wide range of those movies, which are among the most important, critically-acclaimed and highest-grossing films of all time, including: The King of Kings Ben-Hur The Passion of the Christ Frankenstein Close Encounters of the Third Kind 2001: A Space Odyssey Apocalypse Now Monty Python's Life of Brian. Written by a team of international scholars, the fifty entries discuss the Biblical stories, characters or motifs depicted in each film making this book the ideal guide for anyone interested in the long-standing relationship between the Bible and film.In 1923, he first filmed a black-andwhite triptych, also entitled The Ten Commandments, that featured Ancient Egypt, ... screen, a cinematic saviour of Hollywood threatened by moral vigilantes, and a partial template for his 1956 film (Higashi 1996). ... depicted the confrontational rods-into-snakes transformation scene before Pharaoh (indicating Goda#39;s one-upmanship over ... In addition, Rameses accused Nefretiri of having a a#39;serpenta#39;s tonguea#39;; Nefretiri wore a snake- themed headdressanbsp;...

Title:Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films
Author:Adele Reinhartz
Publisher:Routledge - 2013


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