Bible Answers to World Questions

Bible Answers to World Questions

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An explosion. Two seconds later the report of a gunshot. In a wisp, Jake Braddock''s entire life drastically changes. One moment he is building a sandcastle with his family on a Miami public beach, the next he is holding his wife''s body and realizing that his infant son has been abducted. In Eight Ball Justice, Dade County Homicide Detectives Sherm Walters and Sebastan Xollo initially assume these are simply revenge crimes. The year before, Jake, then head of security at Miami International Airport, played an important role in not only thwarting a bioterror attack on the airport, but also capturing Osama bin Laden''s eldest son. One group. When Sherm''s close friend, Dr. Roxanne Shockley, draws their attention to the suspicious death of a Middle Easterner they realize they are in a qpissin'' match with the big boysq. Two groups. Al-Qaeda, and another. As they delve further into the crimes, they find themselves pitted against seemingly invincible foes. Dr, Roxanne Shockley, Foxy Roxy to her friends, a forensic pathologist and romantic interest of Sherm''s, points them in the right direction early in their investigation. Roxy''s brother, Mike Shockley, a former Vietnam War Medal of Honor winner and Rhodes scholar, helps the Sherm and Sebastan see the entire scope of the crime. It''s more than they can fathom. The investigation starts in Miami Florida and ends up in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. Along the way every effort is made to silence the duo as they dissect out the meticulously conceived stratagem of the operation. The fate of all involved, including Jake''s infant son, hangs in the balance until the tumultuous conclusion.Learning what God says in the Bible can give you a Bible knowledge that qualifies you to teach others but until you put into practice what you learn, you will not understand what God is telling you in the Bible. It is not your trips to church nor theanbsp;...

Title:Bible Answers to World Questions
Author:Kris Doulos
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-02-01


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