Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse

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Read Diane McEachern's posts on the Penguin Blog. Protecting our environment is one of the biggest issues facing our planet today. But how do we solve a problem that can seem overwhelming-even hopeless? As Diane MacEachern argues in Big Green Purse, the best way to fight the industries that pollute the planet, thereby changing the marketplace forever, is to mobilize the most powerful consumer force in the world-women. MacEachern's message is simple but revolutionary. If women harness the qpower of their purseq and intentionally shift their spending money to commodities that have the greatest environmental benefit, they can create a cleaner, greener world. Spirited and informative, this book: - targets twenty commodities-cars, cosmetics, coffee, food, paper products, appliances, cleansers, and more-where women's dollars can make a dramatic difference; - provides easy-to-follow guidelines and lists so women can choose the greenest option regardless of what they're buying, along with recommended companies they should support; - encourages women to spend wisely by explaining what's worth the premium price some green products cost, what's not, and when they shouldn't spend money at all; and - differentiates between products that are actually qgreenq and those that are simply marketed as qecofriendly.q Whether readers want to start with small changes or are ready to devote the majority of their budget to green products, MacEachern offers concrete and immediate ways that women can take action and make a difference. Empowering and enlightening, Big Green Purse will become the qgreen shopping bibleq for women everywhere who are asking, qWhat can I do?q... Prius (hybrid-electric) 60/51 2 Honda Civic Hybrid 49/51 3 Toyota Camry Hybrid 40/38 4 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD 36/31 5 Toyota Yaris (manual) 34/40 6 Toyota Yaris (automatic) 34/39 7 Honda Fit (manual) 33/38 8 Toyota Corolla ( manual)anbsp;...

Title:Big Green Purse
Author:Diane McEachern
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-02-28


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