Big Winners and Big Losers

Big Winners and Big Losers

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What keeps great companies winning, year after year, even as yesterday's most hyped businesses fall by the wayside? It's not what you think -- or what you've read. To find the real answers, strategic management expert Alfred Marcus systematically reviewed detailed performance metrics for the 1, 000 largest U.S. corporations, identifying 3% who've consistently outperform their industry's averages for a full decade. Many of these firms get little publicity: firms like Amphenol, Ball, Family Dollar, Brown and Brown, Activision, Dreyer's, Forest Labs, and Fiserv. But their success is no accident: they've discovered patterns of success that have largely gone unnoticed elsewhere. Marcus also identified patterns associated with consistently inferior performance: patterns reflected in many of the world's most well-known companies. Drawing on this unprecedented research, Big Winners and Big Losersshows you what really matters most. You'll learn how consistent winners build the strategies that drive their success; how they move towards market spaces offering superior opportunity; and how they successfully manage the tensions between agility, discipline, and focus. You'll learn how to identify the right patterns of success for your company, build on the strengths you already have, realistically assess your weaknesses, and build sustainable advantage one step at a time, in a planned and logical way.The games that Activision made worked on many consoles and systems, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Game Boy. ... The big losers a€” Campbell Soup and Hasbro a€” also had Wal-Mart as their main customer (see Chapters 8 through 12), but whereas ... 266.90B Operating Margins 8.24% 7.42% N/A 5.51% Company Name One-Year Return (%) Three- Year Five- Year Ten- Year Activision.

Title:Big Winners and Big Losers
Author:Alfred Allen Marcus
Publisher:Pearson P T R - 2006-01


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