Biological Adhesive Systems

Biological Adhesive Systems

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J. Herbert Waite Like many graduate students before and after me I was There are so many species about which nothing is known, mesmerized by a proposition expressed years earlier by and the curse of not knowing is apathy. Krogh (1929) a€“ namely that a€œfor many problems there is Bioadhesion is the adaptation featured in this book, an animal on which it can be most conveniently studieda€. and biology has many adhesive practitioners. Indeed, This opinion became known as the August Krogh Prin- every living organism is adhesively assembled in the ciple and remains much discussed to this day, particu- most exquisite way. Clearly, speci? c adhesion needs to larly among comparative physiologists (Krebs, 1975). be distinguished from the opportunistic variety. I think The words a€œproblemsa€ and a€œanimala€ are key because of speci? c adhesion as the adhesion between cells in the they highlight the two fundamental and complementary same tissue, whereas opportunistic adhesion might be the foci of biological research: (1) expertise about an animal adhesion between pathogenic microbes and the urinary (zoo-centric), which is mostly observational and (2) a tract, or between a slug and the garden path. If oppor- mechanistic analysis of some problem in the animala€™s life nistic bioadhesion is our theme, then there are still many history or physiology (problem-centric), which is usually practitioners but the subset is somewhat more select than a hypothesis-driven investigation. before.From Nature to Technical and Medical Application Janek von Byern, Ingo Grunwald ... Barber VC and Wright DE (1969) The fine structure of the sensoe organs of the cephalopod mollusc Nautilus. Zeitschrift fA¼r ... Carlini DB, Reece KS , and Graves JE (2000) Actin gene family evolution and the phylogeny of coleoid cephalopods (Mollusca: Cephalopoda). ... Manual de Malacologie et de Conchyliologie.

Title:Biological Adhesive Systems
Author:Janek von Byern, Ingo Grunwald
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-01-27


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