Biology Of Conidial Fungi

Biology Of Conidial Fungi

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Biology of Conidial Fungi, Volume 2 presents detailed considerations of many facets of conidial fungi. Organized into four parts, this volume begins with the discussion on the four categories of clinical infections of man caused by this organism. It then describes the ultrastructure, development, physiology, biochemistry, and genetics of conidial fungi. It also explains the techniques for investigation of conidial fungi, including isolation, cultivation, and maintenance. Techniques for examining developmental and ultrastructural aspects of conidial fungi are shown as well. This volume will fill some gaps in the knowledge of anamorphs and serve as a useful reference to advanced students who probably encounter such type of fungi.Using methylation analysis, periodate oxidation, and radiochemical labeling of reducing end groups, Nakajima et al. ... The derived hydroglucan gives an x-ray powder diagram almost identical to that of the B-1, 3-glucan paramylon (Jelsma and ... fungi, polymers composed primarily or exclusively of a-Da€”glucose residues appear to be widespread in cell walls of higher fungi (e. g., Rosenberger, 1976).

Title:Biology Of Conidial Fungi
Author:Garry T. Cole
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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