Biomedical Device Technology

Biomedical Device Technology

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For many years, the tools available to physicians were limited to a few simple handpieces such as stethoscopes, thermometers and syringes; medical professionals primarily relied on their senses and skills to perform diagnosis and disease mitigation. Today, diagnosis of medical problems is heavily dependent on the analysis of information made available by sophisticated medical machineries such as electrocardiographs, ultrasound scanners and laboratory analyzers. Patient treatments often involve specialized equipment such as cardiac pacemakers and electrosurgical units. Such biomedical instrumentations play a critical and indispensable role in modern day medicine. In order to design, build, maintain and effectively deploy medical devices, one needs to understand not only their design and construction but also how they interact with the human body. This book provides a comprehensive approach to studying the principles and design of biomedical devices as well as their applications in medicine. It is written for engineers and technologists who are interested in understanding the principles, design and applications of medical device technology. The book is also intended to be used as a textbook or reference for biomedical device technology courses in universities and colleges.Sketch line diagrams and identify the basic functional components in the extracorporeal blood and dialysate delivery circuits. a€c Differentiate ... Explain the needs and describe methods of water treatment in dialysis. ... Hemodialysis System 6.

Title:Biomedical Device Technology
Author:Anthony Y. K. Chan
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2008-01


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