Biometric Technologies and Verification Systems

Biometric Technologies and Verification Systems

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Biometric Technologies and Verification Systems is organized into nine parts composed of 30 chapters, including an extensive glossary of biometric terms and acronyms. It discusses the current state-of-the-art in biometric verification/authentication, identification and system design principles. It also provides a step-by-step discussion of how biometrics works; how biometric data in human beings can be collected and analyzed in a number of ways; how biometrics are currently being used as a method of personal identification in which people are recognized by their own unique corporal or behavioral characteristics; and how to create detailed menus for designing a biometric verification system. Only biometrics verification/authentication is based on the identification of an intrinsic part of a human being. Tokens, such as smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, and physical keys can be lost, stolen, or duplicated. Passwords can be forgotten, shared, or unintentionally observed by a third party. Forgotten passwords and lost qsmart cardsq are a nuisance for users and an expensive time-waster for system administrators. Biometric security solutions offer some unique advantages for identifying and verifying/ authenticating human beings over more traditional security methods. This book will serve to identify the various security applications biometrics can play a highly secure and specific role in. * Contains elements such as Sidebars, Tips, Notes and URL links * Heavily illustrated with over 150 illustrations, screen captures, and photographs * Details the various biometric technologies and how they work while providing a discussion of the economics, privacy issues and challenges of implementing biometric security solutionsResults Finally, you should test the proposed detection method on the 312 side- face range images. ... The average time to detect an ear from a side-face range image is 6.5 seconds with Matlab implementation on a 2.4G Celeron CPU.

Title:Biometric Technologies and Verification Systems
Author:John R. Vacca
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2007-03-16


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