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Iron manganese biomineralization; Iron minerals in surface environments; Manganese minerals in surface environments; Crystal structures of manganese oxide minerals; Microbial biomineralization of iron and manganese; Microbial oxidation of organic matter coupled to the reduction of fe (III) and Mn(IV) oxides; Microbial accumulation of iron and manganese in different aquatic environments: an electron optical study; Magnetotactic bacteria: biomineralization, ecology, sediment magnetism, environmental indicator; Production of iron sulfide minerals by magnetotactic bacteria in sulfidic environments; Manganese oxides producec by fungal oxidation of manganese from siderite and rhodochrosite; Biogenic ferrihydrite: effect of B-thalassemia/ hemoglobin E disease onthe structure of ferrihydrite present in ferritins isolated from iron-loaded human heart and spleen tissue; Manganese nodules and microbial oxidation of manganese in the huntley meadows wetland, Virginia, USA; Iron sulfidization in tidal marsh soils; Mineralogy of precipitates formed by the biogeochemical oxidation of Fe(II) in mine drainage; Natural iron precipitates in a mine retention pond near Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia; Iron deposits and microorganisms in saline sulfidic soils with altered soil water regimes in South Australia; Transformations of iron, manganese and aluminium during oxidation of a sulfidic material from an acid sulfate soil; Deposition and accumulation of biogenic magnetite in low oxygen facies....Chapter 8, 379-438. Soil Science Society of America, Madison. SELF, P.G. (1988 ): PC-PW1710 - user manual. PCbased system for the control of a Philips PW1710 X-ray diffraction system. CSIRO Division of Soils Technical Memorandum No.

Author:H. Catherine W. Skinner, R. W. Fitzpatrick
Publisher:Catena-Verlag - 1992


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