Birch, The One And Only

Birch, The One And Only

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While driving a big rig up the Dalton Highway to the North Slope oil fields in Alaska, Birch becomes the a€œone and onlya€ after a shakes the arctic world asunder. He survives the disaster in his personally-designed 80-foot boat named SASSY (Safety and Satellite Ship/ Yacht) that was destined for offshore oil-field work. With this boat and its sophisticated storehouse of gear, food, and water he begins his quest to find other living people in the changed land and seascape. Birch survives, but where are all the people: Native villages, military radar sites, and oil field infrastructure? Befriended by a lone eagle and a family of wolves, Birch overcomes unique, challenging, life-threatening obstacles with courage, frontier inventiveness, and even a touch of old Alaskan sourdough.He looked over the side, and then went back and picked the fourwheeler up high enough to clear the rail and set it down ... and continued the laborious procedures throughout the morning offloading those items Birch felt he could put to good use. ... Next he dropped SASSYa#39;s aft ramp and with the help of several 2 x 12inch planks, he was able to get it off the trailer and in position to back it up the ramp.

Title:Birch, The One And Only
Author:Garry, Chandler
Publisher:Publication Consultants - 2015-11-10


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