Birth Formations

Birth Formations

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A nuts-and-bolts approach on how to actualize the New Age concept of living in the present moment before conception, during pregnancy, throughout delivery and in the midst of postpartum motherhood for the busy woman who desires to do and have it all. Birth Formations: What Multiple Home Births Teach About Living, Laboring, and Mothering in the Now Encapsulates over ten years of practice in the holistic healing arts and alternative health field to tackle the sensitive and controversial note that all of our reality rests on our ability to think things through. The delicate and intense call of motherhood states unequivocally that: qYou can't think your baby out.q This book aims to break that one sentence down into doable parts. Part I: Beginnings This section targets preconceived notions about how to create our reality/birth/presence/experience. Parts II, III, IV: Births These sections illuminate the lessons the author has learned and include exercises to process and prepare for delivery and a more smooth integration of these principles in daily life. Part V: Beyond This section gives you permission to fly.After Baby Three was born, my husband took care of the older two kids for as long as the state and federal chipped in for part of his salary to ... With no instruction manual handy, I abandoned the machine and turned to hand pumping instead.

Title:Birth Formations
Author:Gloria Ng
Publisher:Life Arts Books - 2015-02-05


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