Bisexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

Bisexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

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In our society, the argument for or against same-sex marriage becomes even more heated when the debate turns to bisexual women and men. Bisexuality and Same-Sex Marriage thoughtfully explores this debate from a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives, presenting respected scholars from fields as diverse as American Studies, Communication, Criminology, Human and Organizational Systems, Law and Social Policy, LGBT Studies, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Sociology, Womena€™s Studies, and Queer Studies. This clear-viewed volume is organized into three perspectivesa€”theoretical, research, and personala€”that frame the debate from a macro to micro level of analysis. This book goes beyond the intense acrimony and divisiveness to rationally examine the issue from various viewpoints and through the latest research. This informative text presents and analyzes in depth the current findings and the diverse LGBT and straight perspectives on the issue. This insightful resource discusses in detail personal views, the latest theories, and is extensively referenced. Bisexuality and Same-Sex Marriage is an essential volume for LGBT studies professionals, psychologists, counselors, educators, students, and interested general public. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Bisexuality.text of same-sex marriage and highlight the unique experiences of cross- orientation couples in same-sex marriage. When bisexuality has been visible in the same-sex marriage debate, it has been in ways that often lead to questions of a€œwhat next? ... Mia Ocean, in her essay a€œBisexuals are Bad for the Same-Sex Marriage Business, a€ provides a personal and political analysis that nicely ... Despite the tension and the knowledge she is not welcome on either side of the 5 Introduction.

Title:Bisexuality and Same-Sex Marriage
Author:M. Paz Galupo
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-06-03


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