Black Dog Bleeding

Black Dog Bleeding

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The story of one man's journey to hell. Hell does have a name.Robben Island. This story, though fictional, is based on, and honors, the life - and death - of Stephen Biko. It is 1977, Johannesburg, South Africa. Some cruelly and sadistically wielded power meant to scourge, some broke under its weight, while some remained unbent, immovable under it, resolute of spirit, and ultimately, tragically, indomitable. This is the story of such a man.The story of Stephen Biko, though familiar to many, is a tragedy beyond what any man, any person should ever have to endure. This is not a story for the feint of heart or stomach. It is a story, not meant to shock, but to shine the unapologetic, unflattering light of truth on a situation that was, and is very real. Told through one man's journey, it will lay bare any and all realities of a world that for some was inescapable. The pain is real. The horrors are real. Ignoring them won't change a thing. Understanding it just might.Despair and despondency was thick in the air. ... The memory and thought brought him no comfort this time. ... The peaceful routine of prison life had become comforting for him, and the idea of that being disrupted by Jacob left him very uneasy. ... at him, and Jacob muttered something to himself under his breath before swallowing, his Adama#39;s apple bobbing up and down like the sinker on a fishing line.

Title:Black Dog Bleeding
Author:Jason Blacker - 2007-08-01


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