Black Flagged Vektor

Black Flagged Vektor

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Book Three in the Black Flagged Series With the most recent bioterrorism threat against the United States neutralized, and Dr. Anatoly Reznikov in secret custody; CIA Deputy Director Karl Berg proposes a more permanent solution to prevent future attacks. A covert raid by General Sanderson's Black Flag unit deep inside destroy a bioweapons program that should have ended with the Cold War. The United States isn't the only nation looking to tie up loose ends. The sudden abduction of a CIA officer in Stockholm exposes the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service's (SVR) ruthless campaign to discover the truth behind the massacre of an elite Spetsnaz team sent to eliminate Reznikov...and permanently bury his knowledge of Vektor's sinister purpose. When the SVR investigation takes a turn that could threaten the mission against Vektor Labs, Berg goes qoff the booksq like never before to even the odds. Through an intricate web of unsavory alliances, deviously orchestrated political maneuvers and shockingly brutal black-ops sanctions, Karl Berg will set in motion an unstoppable chain of events with the potential to ignite a new Cold War. Black Flagged Vektor continues the series' tradition of gritty, unapologetic storytelling, plunging readers even deeper into the murky, shark infested waters navigated by covert operators and their puppet masters. Book 1: Black Flagged Book 2: Black Flagged Redux Book 3: Black Flagged Apex Book 4: Black Flagged Vektor Keywords: Free, freebie, free ebook, technothriller, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, covert operations, black ops, espionage, spy thriller, special operations, FBI, CIA, terrorism, counter terrorism, assassination, interrogation, special agent, task force, undercover, military thriller, political thriller, permafree, Frederick Forsyth, Jack Bauer, Muslim, terrorist, torture, international, Europe, Russia, Sweden, domestic terror, militia, biological warfare, bioterrorism, KGB, FSB, GRU, Spetsnaz, SEAL, U.S. Marine Corps, Marines.Hea#39;d purchased several new prepaid Tracfones recently and activated them using dummy email accounts through an untraceable laptop at WiFi hotspots located ... Caller ID on Kaparova#39;s phone would show a local call, instead of a Virginia area code that would immediately raise eyebrows. ... a€œCall me back in five minutes.

Title:Black Flagged Vektor
Author:Steven Konkoly
Publisher:Stribling Media - 2013-08-06


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