Black Gemini

Black Gemini

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Working for future Earths `Federation`- Lieutenant Jessica Wilson was one of the new military trainer's aboard the space station qGemini.q Her new commander, General Viper is the powerful and corrupt leader of Gemini. He is a feared man, reputed to be cruel, uncaring and vindictive. He uses extreme methods to obtain results and never lets anyone get close to him. Viper has a past and Jess is intrigued by his secretive nature and becomes desperate to get behind the man who`s face is hidden by a visor and who`s personality is hidden behind a harsh exterior.As Jess reunites with old acquaintances Millie Hopkins and Mike Hunter, She knows as everyone else does that Viper is not a man to be crossed or challenged.Yet Jess finds herself strangely attracted to him. He has a deep dark past, one she is determined to discover.Jess soon discovers the reasons why and becomes embroiled in a dark dangerous game of murder, suspense and love and passion.Both Jess and Viper have their demons and past enemies to deal with in this thrilling, futuristic, science fiction, love story.carry so much regret, so much pain; I just dona#39;t see how our relationship could ever worka€– She got up angrily. ... Is it worth fighting for, am I? You listen to me; you have been given a second chance. ... a€•No, but I am beginning to know you, well, Ia#39;m trying to, and Ia#39;m beginning to see why she loved you so much, a€– answeredanbsp;...

Title:Black Gemini
Author:Rachael J. Kirby
Publisher:Rachael Kirby - 2011-10-01


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