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In the wilds of Montana lies the prison on Blackbone Mountain, a secret base where German prisoners of war are incarcerated. Outside its gun towers and barbed wire World War II still rages. Inside, another war is brewing. Evil has already penetrated its strong defenses. Lieutenant Rolf Kirst miraculously survived a U-boat bombing, only to find himself taken as a prisoner of war by the Americans. But what happened to him in the two days he floated at sea forever changed him. Major David Gilman is a hot-headed commander assigned to lead at Blackbone, but one more mistake could cost him his career. Both men find their lives linked by war, and by an insidious evil that is inside the detention camp. The Germans prisoners believe Kirst to be a spy; the Americans fear his unknown power. When his true secret is discovered, the commanders and prisoners at Blackbone will never be the same againa€bthat is, if they survive.A rabbit cut acrossHopkinsa#39; pathandpaused tostare atthe Germans. Hopkinslaughed, then ... Volunteered for service before the war, went through OCS, got his command just as the wargot under way.Hopkins had peeked ... guard postsat intervals around the perimetera€”tiny open huts atop wood scaffolding. Thesupport hutsanbsp;...

Author:George Simpson, Neal R. Burger
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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