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Why the future of popular culture will revolve around ever bigger bets on entertainment products, by one of Harvard Business School's most popular professors What's behind the phenomenal success of entertainment businesses such as Warner Bros., Marvel Entertainment, and the NFLa€”along with such stars as Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and LeBron James? Which strategies give leaders in film, television, music, publishing, and sports an edge over their rivals? Anita Elberse, Harvard Business School's expert on the entertainment industry, has done pioneering research on the worlds of media and sports for more than a decade. Now, in this groundbreaking book, she explains a powerful truth about the fiercely competitive world of entertainment: building a business around blockbuster productsa€”the movies, television shows, songs, and books that are hugely expensive to produce and marketa€”is the surest path to long-term success. Along the way, she reveals why entertainment executives often spend outrageous amounts of money in search of the next blockbuster, why superstars are paid unimaginable sums, and how digital technologies are transforming the entertainment landscape. Full of inside stories emerging from Elberse's unprecedented access to some of the world's most successful entertainment brands, Blockbusters is destined to become required reading for anyone seeking to understand how the entertainment industry really worksa€”and how to navigate today's high-stakes business world at large.... FOX; the cable network ESPN; the satellite television provider DirecTV; satellite radio network Sirius; wireless carrier Verizon; and the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and ... Meanwhile, the league has consistently put what Rolapp called a€œa premium on control. ... There was an outcry among those executives when, in 2006, NFL Network made a move into live game programming and began toanbsp;...

Author:Anita Elberse
Publisher:Macmillan - 2013-10-15


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