Blues in the Night

Blues in the Night

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Sunday, July 13. 1:46 A.M. Near Lookout Mountain and Laurel Canyon. An unidentified woman in her twenties, wearing a nightgown, was the victim of a hit-and-run accident that left her unconscious and seriously injured. There were no witnesses. So reads the report on the accident off Mulholland Drive in Molly Blumea€™s Crime Sheet column for a weekly Los Angeles tabloid. Just another small L.A. tragedy, soon forgotten. But the image of the young woman in her nightgown stumbling along a dark, winding road is one Molly, a freelance true-crime writer, cannot shake. In fact, it draws her to a bedside in intensive care, where the victim whispers to her three names: Robbie, Max, and Nina. Ita€™s not a smoking gun, but is sufficient to reinforce Mollya€™s gut instinct that there are sinister circumstances behind the assault on Lenore Saunders. With fearless conviction, Molly asks questions that nobodya€”including Lenorea€™s mom, her ex-husband, her shrink, or even Mollya€™s L.A.P.D. buddy, Detective Connorsa€”wants to answer. Nevertheless, the astute Molly discovers Lenore lived a fractured life, so different from Mollya€™s own secure and loving Orthodox Jewish background. And as a chilling picture of the unfortunate woman begins to take shape, the menace of murders past and present stirs and quickens. In her first Molly Blume novel, award-winning novelist Rochelle Krich tells a story in the tradition of the great L.A. mysteries of the pasta€”and introduces an investigator who is pure gold. Twentysomething divorcee Molly Blume, with her deep faith, short skirts, and nose for the truth, is a heroine to cherish. From the Hardcover edition.(Culver City) I was becoming addicted to a€œthe lady from 29 Palms. ... and Ia#39;d listened to the song on the towna#39;s Web site last night after talking with Darren Porter, who, it turned out, used to do property management for Saunders Enterprises.

Title:Blues in the Night
Author:Rochelle Krich
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2003-09-30


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