Bob Frost – A Trail Of Pennies

Bob Frost – A Trail Of Pennies

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This collection of thoughts and ideas came from an outcry of pain and suffering. Many people are in need to be listened to and call for action. I just wanted to freestyle with writing and help those believe in themselves. The more I wrote, the larger the readership grew. I received correspondence from all over on how a certain story helped them in some way. Sometimes I was asked to write something to inspire an event that was coming up and it ended up inspiring the masses. My intention was simple just to write what I felt on certain things and remind people how important and special they are. There are many people that feel lost and need guidance and I assumed a role to simply guide those lost souls. Most people I have encountered never were lost. They were just sidetracked off their path or journey. The snowball effect happened as I wrote more and these are a collection of my most favorite stories. These arena€™t mine; they belong to you, the reader. They have helped so many and I hope they help a new group of people by getting the word out. Bob Frost was created a while ago for my love of Robert Frost. I first heard a€œNothing Gold Can Staya€ from a€œThe Outsidersa€ and fell in love with the poem. Ia€™ve been studying his many quotes and poems, and made me look up to him as a writer, mentor and even friend. I took his name in celebration of his work and wishful thinking. I joined an anonymous website to express some personal issues in my life and quickly found others just like me. People had gotten to know me as a€œBoba€ and I stuck with it. My real name, real life, make no difference and I preferred to remain an unknown person writing to many people about what they wanted to talk about. Some chose to write about happy things and some wanted to vent and get some answers. To me, ita€™s the never ending quest for wisdom and knowledge. I possess none or pretend that I do. These stories are just my opinions, not facts. I dona€™t have a degree in anything other than a€œlifea€. Ia€™m a middle class male in America trying to find my own way in life, my path. I dona€™t boast a PhD in anything other than hard knocks. I love to write and I enjoy helping others effortlessly. If I dona€™t have an answer for you, Ia€™ll find out one and help you any way I can. Ia€™m here to live my life and walk my path. What I didna€™t realize is that while I live my life I encounter others on my path. Some are looking for guidance; some are looking for a helping hand. Some people just ignore and keep on walking. I refuse to believe in that way of thinking. As much as I argue with others about what I do, I feel the personal need to listen to every voice that write or talks to me. It makes for a difficult life for me, but the rewards mean more to me than anything. You have to sacrifice so much to be happy. You have to sometimes put everything and everyone aside and believe me, I did at first. I lost a lot but later found out it was the others that lost me. It took a long, vigorous process for me to accept the fact that not everyone is going to accept me. Ia€™ve tried my whole life to be accepted and I still feel as if Ia€™m not totally a part of society. So I write on and hopefully help others feel comfortable and at ease. I have always been an empath and that alone is a pain that I wouldna€™t wish on anyone. Believe me, ita€™s mostly my own fault for being so naAmve, but like I stated before, the rewards are limitless. So many people have thanked me and told me stories of success. The last couple of years Ia€™ve told that I should publish my writing and try to get this message out to as many people as I can. After much thought, I decided to go for it. This book represents who and what a€œBob Frosta€ is. I hope I dona€™t come off as pompous, but I finally separated myself from my alter ego. I am an individual and thata€™s why I have come out and did this. I dona€™t use politics or religion in my writing. I feel the human soul is enough of a religious and political struggle within you. I dona€™t use it a... everything under the sun, but in reality, it only complicates things in the long run and our lives are no different with a PS3 hooked up to our flat screens. ... Your being in my life as a positive force is all Ia#39;ll ever need from you. ... Not even coffee can brighten and change my stars and help me through tough times in my life.

Title:Bob Frost – A Trail Of Pennies
Author:Stephen J. Napolitano
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-04-22


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