Bodies of Song

Bodies of Song

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qNorth Indian poetry, music, religion, and politics come to life in Bodies of Song, a textual and ethnographic work on the oral traditions of Kabir, one of the great fifteenth-century iconoclastic poet of Hindi literature. Linda Hess's book provides stories of individuals and families, villages and towns, religious and secular organizations, castes and communities of those who sing, hear, celebrate, revere, and dispute about Kabirq--The play was KabAlr by the great Hindi writer Bhisham Sahni (1915a€“2003). ... KaAl achAlnachtAl phiro mhArAl helAl, is sung by Prahladji in an early section of Shabnam Virmania#39;s film Chalo hamArA des/Come to My Country. ... See also Horstmann 2002, 115a€“42 (her essay, a€œHazariprasad Dvivedia#39;s Kabir, a€ in the volume she edited).

Title:Bodies of Song
Author:Linda Hess
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2015-07-13


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