Body, Language and Meaning in Conflict Situations

Body, Language and Meaning in Conflict Situations

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This original research applies semiotics to linguistic and non-linguistic segments in a text in search of potential correlations between them. The resultant mapping is applied to cases of gesture-word mismatches that are evident in conflict situations. The current study adopts the word systems approach, a sign-based theory that is naturally designed for the analysis of linguistic signs, and extends it to non-linguistic units, borrowing analytical tools from the field of dance movement therapy. The variety of interdisciplinary metaphorical and literal interpretations of the analyzed signs enriches the theoretical framework and facilitates examination of the instances of mismatches. Hence, this study makes a meaningful contribution to the understanding of linguistic/non-linguistic mismatches in situations of conflict. Further, it makes more general claims: the semiotic system underlying this study paves the way for further research of correlations (or lack thereof) between a range of phenomena cutting across sociology, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and political science.As previously mentioned, this smile often accompanies Nasrina#39;s speech, contradicting her harsh, blatant statements. ... Ali answers with descriptions of budgets, citizens and investments: Ali: my personal opinion, I think that the solution willanbsp;...

Title:Body, Language and Meaning in Conflict Situations
Author:Orit Sônia Waisman
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2010


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