Bodyguard Manual

Bodyguard Manual

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Although military operations against terrorist forces often garner the headlines, those who protect government, military, and business leaders from assassination or kidnapping are also in the front lines against terrorism. Ready and prepared to place his body between his employer and a bullet, the bodyguard must be able to blend into the milieu around his charge, yet be ready to spring into action instantly to counter an attack. Based on techniques of the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. State Department Security, the Special Air Service, the Royal Corps of Military Police, the Metropolitan Police, the KGB and its successor the FSB, France's GSPR, and other protective units around the world, The Bodyguard Manual details the steps a protective team takes to prevent attack as well as the tactics which are employed when it is necessary to counter an attack in progress. From security aboard Concorde, the Orient Express, or the Queen Elizabeth 2, to protecting a military general officer in combat, The Bodyguard Manual allows the reader to qstand postq with the professional bodyguard.In this scene, the VIP vehicle has been disabled. The trail vehicle has pulled up on the side away from the ambush. The team leader (OCBG) has extracted the VIP from the back seat and is ushering him or her into the trail vehicle. BGs 1-4anbsp;...

Title:Bodyguard Manual
Author:Leroy Thompson
Publisher:Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal - 2005


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