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Bogeyman. Even the sight and sound of the word brings back broken shards of childhood memories. Nightmares would probably be a better term for it. The same nightmares that hide somewherea€bsome placea€bbetween asleep and awake. Patricia Grimsley thought she had outgrown those times. The times when the clammy night sweats blanketed a childa€™s body. The times when the bed covers pulled up over her head was her only defense. Things real and imagined. Or...things too real to be imagined. But Jeff Langley managed to rekindle those fears during one week in Phoenix, Arizona. For that short stretch of time it became impossible for Grimsley to differentiate between the two. Between the real and the imagined. Or the point where the bogeyman ended and Jeff Langley began. Modern settings and characters built upon an ageless foundation of childhood fears and things that go bump in the night. Ita€™s Speculative Fiction brought to an entirely new level. Especially since it may very well be that no one ever outgrows the Bogeyman. Maybea€bjust maybea€b... to deal with the volumes of water, the whole Phoenix infrastructure of governmental services and utility companies suffered. ... By the time she negotiated the Volvo around the small ravine that was now spilling out of its full banks and onto the ... It was a relatively hard bite, a not-so-gentle reminder that cats and water didna#39;t mix well, and only then if the water was ... to soothe his ruffled feelings as she opened the front door, shut and locked it behind them, and reset the security alarm.

Author:Ron Drain
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-05-01


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