Boudoir Lighting

Boudoir Lighting

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Boudoir portraits are intimate by nature. The provide an intimate, private look at subjects and are intended for those who have a close emotional relationship with the subjecta€”or in some cases, are made for the subject herself. Creating images that capture the romantic, sensual side of a subject requires a masterful approach. All components of the photographya€”from the photographer-client relationship, to the setting, to the clothing selection, to the posing and lighting, must be carefully thought out and flawlessly executed. In this book, Robin Owen shows off her uncanny skill at creating 60 sweet and sexy images of women and couples. As you turn the pages, you'll find discussions detailing the artistic approach used to photograph each clienta€”and you'll see alternate shots from the session, which are sure to inspire additional ideas for your own boudoir clients. From one page spread to the next, Olson provides important insights into sculpting the look you are after. You'll learn to work with unexpected lighting configurations and modifiers. You'll find and learn how to create unlikely settingsa€”among many other creative considerations that allow you to create images that stand out from the competition. With a surprising array of image looks to inspire your creativity and targeted technical discussions, this book provides both the impetus and the know-how you're after to get out there and create unforgettable images.Once i determined i wanted to focus on boudoir photography, i began teaching myself about posing and lighting the good ola#39; fashioned way: through trial and error. i never imagined that one day ia#39;d end up writing a posing guide or a book onanbsp;...

Title:Boudoir Lighting
Author:Robin Owen
Publisher:Amherst Media - 2014-09-22


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