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In 2010, bestselling author Kathleen Winter took a journey across the legendary Northwest Passage a€“ connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans a€“ alongside marine scientists, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, and curious passengers. From Greenland to Baffin Island and all along this arctic passage, Winter witnesses the new mathematics of the melting North a€“ where polar bears mate with grizzlies, creating a new hybrid species; where the earth is on the cusp of yielding so much buried treasure that five nations stand poised to claim sovereignty of the land; and where the local Inuit population struggles to navigate the tension between taking their part in the new global economy and defending their traditional way of life. Throughout the journey she also learns much from her fellow travellers a€“ about the original expeditions, how to survive in a wasteland, Inuit society, the real perils of climate change a€“ and guides us through her own personal odyssey, emigrating from England to Canada as a child and discovering both what was lost and what was gained as a result of that journey. In breathtaking prose charged with vivid descriptions of the land and its people, Kathleen Wintera€™s Boundless is a haunting and powerful story: a homage to the ever-evolving and magnetic power of the North.... and the fact that he asked it assuaged my fears in the way that talking to an old friend can do even when there are no real ... this time with a list in hand from the expedition leaders, whose packing instructions indicated I might need a woollen vest, ... delicates all had to be handstitched: the men vanished mere months before the invention of the sewing machine. ... in the typical English way by putting on pantomimes and singing and dancing for each other through the Arctic nights.

Author:Kathleen Winter
Publisher:Random House - 2015-02-05


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