Boys for Beginners

Boys for Beginners

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'Gwynnie is just about to turn fourteen. While other girls in her year are all about boys and make-up, the closest she's got to a boy is tackling on the football field. But when the totally hot Charlie Notts starts at school, Gwynnie decides now might be the time to start being a a bit more girly. Gwynnie enlists the help of a gang of girls at school, headed by the super-confident Jenny. But is it really safe for Gwynnie to be let loose with lash curlers and strong eye-shadow? Has Jenny got a hidden agenda while giving Gwynnie her make-over? And will Charlie ever see her as more than a killer football player with skinny legs? When everything comes to a head at the school prom, Gwynnie will learn some truths about herself and her new found girly friends. Has she risked the firm friendships she has with boys for that first kiss?Igrab the controller and demand thatPaul andI play a two player so that Iwona#39;t have totalkto Charlie. ... But Ia#39;m too embarrassed to look up so I just say, a#39;Hi, a#39; and carry on staring at the screen. ... Paula#39;s got a ginormous plasma screen TV that looks wicked when you play Xbox and really comfy brown leather sofas. ... Ia#39;ve never seen the new one. ... to be abrilliant host, but then he says, a#39;Well, now that Gwynnie has someone to play with, me and Jenny are going togo to my room for abit.

Title:Boys for Beginners
Author:Lil Chase
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-08-04


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