Brain Edema IX

Brain Edema IX

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The first international symposium on brain edema was held in Vienna/ Austria in 1965 followed by altogether eight meetings since. The most recent was organized in Y okohama by the Department of Neurosurgery of the Musashino Red Cross Hospital, Tokyo. The continuing interest of both, clinicians and experimental scientists alike may be attributable to the fact that brain edema is a common denominator of many cerebral disorders, which under acute conditions threatens life and weIl-being of afflicted patients. Although progress in understanding as weIl as treatment can be recognized since 1965 many problems remain, particularly concerning the control of brain edema under acute conditions, as in trauma or ischemia. A quantum leap was the distinction of the cytotoxic and vasogenic brain edema prototypes as advanced by Igor Klatzo, providing for transition from a morphological to functional understanding now. The recent brain edema meetings were certainly benefiting from developments of both, molecular neurobiology on the one hand side and functional brain imaging at an ever-increasing resolution on the other, such as magnetic resonance imaging orpositron emission tomography. The international symposium in San Diego 1996 may witness further breakthroughs, hopefully also of effective treatment modalities. The symposium in Y okohama was dedicated to the qLegacy of 28 Years of Brain Edema Researchq as a reminder of accomplishments as weIl as remaining challenges.operated rats survived until the time of sacrifice and developed macroscopically visible infarcts in the right COrteX. The cortical ... found no effect on the edema although pre- as well as posttreatment with the drug reduced brain damage. ... Bar diagram of means + 95% confidence intervals, of specific gravity measurements of brain tissue samples taken from areas as depicted in Fig. 1, with same labels.

Title:Brain Edema IX
Author:Umeo Ito, Alexander Baethmann, Konstantin-A. Hossmann, Toshihiko Kuroiwa, Anthony Marmarou, Hans-J. Reulen, Kintomo Takakura
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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