Brave NUI World

Brave NUI World

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Touch and gestural devices have been hailed as next evolutionary step in human-computer interaction. As software companies struggle to catch up with one another in terms of developing the next great touch-based interface, designers are charged with the daunting task of keeping up with the advances in new technology and this new aspect to user experience design. Product and interaction designers, developers and managers are already well versed in UI design, but touch-based interfaces have added a new level of complexity. They need quick references and real-world examples in order to make informed decisions when designing for these particular interfaces. Brave NUI World is the first practical book for product and interaction developers and designing touch and gesture interfaces. Written by developers of industry-first, multi-touch, multi-user products, this book gives you the necessary tools and information to integrate touch and gesture practices into your daily work, presenting scenarios, problem solving, metaphors, and techniques intended to avoid making mistakes. *Provides easy-to-apply design guidance for the unique challenge of creating touch- and gesture-based user interfaces *Considers diverse user needs and context, real world successes and failures, and a look into the future of NUI *Presents thirty scenarios, giving practitioners a multitude of considerations for making informed design decisions and helping to ensure that missteps are never made againThis leads us to the second problem: by doing away with this reduction, we expose ourselves to great difficulty: we no longer have a ... Its latest console, the Wii, has been a wild success, in part due to its leveraging of simple infrared cameras and accelerometers to enable a magical user experience. ... To those familiar with the history, it will come as no suprise that we refer to the Nintendo Power Glove.

Title:Brave NUI World
Author:Daniel Wigdor, Dennis Wixon
Publisher:Elsevier - 2011-04-05


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