Breaking Up Time

Breaking Up Time

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Thirteen expert historians and philosophers address basic questions on historical time and on the distinctions between past, present and future. Their contributions are organised around four themes: the relation between time and modernity; the issue of ruptures in time and the influence of catastrophic events such as revolutions and wars on temporal distinctions; the philosophical analysis of historical time and temporal distinctions; and the construction of time outside Europe through processes of colonialism, imperialism, and globalisation.As Eviatar Zerbuval has noted, the week is the only man-made unit of time in the calendar; it is a function of purely social ... after the sun a€” an elegant metaphor for a solar calendar that aimed to a#39;systematically subordinate the future to the past a#39;.52 ... 2013, Vandenhoeck {r Ruprecht GmbH 9 Co. ... Elea#39;ments ISBN Print: 9783525310465 a€” ISBN Ea€”Book: 9783647310466 Year 1 and Year 61 of the Frenchanbsp;...

Title:Breaking Up Time
Author:Chris Lorenz, Berber Bevernage
Publisher:Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht - 2013-06-19


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