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Detective MC Riggio can't wait to get married. She is desperately in love with her fiancAc Dan, and is counting down the days until the wedding. Best of all, her big Italian family have welcomed Dan with open arms, her mother ecstatic at the thought of more grandchildren. But MC never does marry Dan or have his children. A few weeks before the wedding day he is shot dead - and MC's world crumbles into pieces. Detective Kitt Lundgren is there to support her colleague. She knows grief only too well - her only daughter has recently died - and she knows that MC's only concern now will be to find out who killed her fiancAc. So the two women work day and night to discover what happened to Dan. But there is a ruthless killer on the loose, a killer who knows no fear. And Kitt and MC have put themselves right in the firing line...The computer repair business would have had to have been extremely lucrative. Or Matt Martin had had ... a€œI have one more question, a€ she said. a€œWhat kind of computer did your brother have?a€ a€œA Dell laptop.a€ a€œHe ever lend it out ora€”a€ a€œNo way.

Author:Erica Spindler
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-02-05


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