Bringing Progress to Paradise

Bringing Progress to Paradise

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What does it mean to bring progressa€”schools, electricity, roads, running watera€”to paradise? Can our consumer culture and desire to a€œdo gooda€ really be good for a community that has survived contentedly for centuries without us? In October 2008, climbing expedition leader and attorney, Jeffrey Rasley, led a trek to a village in a remote valley in the Solu region of Nepal named Basa. His group of three adventurers was only the third group of white people ever seen in this village of subsistence farmers. What he found was a people thoroughly unaffected by Western consumer-culture values. They had no running water, electricity, or anything that moves on wheels. Each family lived in a beautiful, hand-chiseled stone house with a flower garden. Beyond what they already had, it seemed all they wanted was education for the children. He helped them finish a school building already in progress, and then they asked for help getting electricity to their village. Bringing Progress to Paradise describes Rasleya€™s transformation from adventurer to committed philanthropist. We are attracted to the simpler way of life in these communities, and we are changed by our experience of it. They are attracted to us, because we bring economic benefits. Bringing Progress to Paradise offers Rasleya€™s critical reflection on the tangled relationship between tourists and locals in a€œexotica€ locales and the effect of Western values on some of the most remote locations on earth.... by chronic neck pain and neuropathy in my right shoulder. my planned return to nepal in october 2009 was in jeopardy. ... the 4th and 5th grade teachers had been hired, the renovation of the school building finished, the playground leveled , anbsp;...

Title:Bringing Progress to Paradise
Author:Jeff Rasley
Publisher:Conari Press - 2010-09-15


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