Broad $Treet

Broad $Treet

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Regarded as the last frontier for the global investor, Africa represents the investment goldmine of the future with its abundance of natural and human resources. Nowhere else on the continent are innovative political and economic reform jump-starting the forthcoming economic revolution like the oil-rich nation of Nigeria, where the local stock market is creating wealth for millions of investors. Using a hands-own approach, Broad $treet shows independent investors all over the world how to participate in the enormous opportunity the Nigerian stock market offers in the 21st century. Covering important topics such as the Nigerian economy, how to identify winning companies, selecting a broker, managing risk, sourcing funds to invest and more; Broad $treet is the practical guide offering the answers you need to invest and make money in Africa's largest economy.kid in his dormitory room who seems to constantly have research reports strewn on the floor and huge charts of stock movements on his wall. He asks the kid a€œ How much do I need to invest in the stock market to have a million dollars in the nextanbsp;...

Title:Broad $Treet
Author:Adewale 755863, Adewale Dada - 2007-07-01


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