Broken Promises

Broken Promises

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The book has more fire--more call to arms' gusto--than anything I've read on reading education. qRichard Abrahamson, University of Houstonq qBroken Promisesq is an important and powerful book precisely because it provides the opportunity for us all to experience the kinds of insights and construct the kinds of understandings that we need to grow professionally and to be a profession. qReading Research a Instruction Journalq The volume provides a cogent critique of majority practice. This is one of the few volumes that relate critical pedagogy, ' as exemplified by the work of Giroux, Apple, and others, to specific examples of school practice. Because reading instruction is a central school activity, this connection is significant and the content is of value to anyone interested in public education. qChoiceq Shannon argues that a combination of psychology, science, and capitalism has transformed reading from a means of personal and social empowerment into an ability to perform well on tests and has transformed learning from a human transaction between teacher and student into an exchange between things--commercially packaged reading materials--and students. To rationalize reading instruction according to these principles, he says, is to silence the voices of readers and teachers. These compelling new ideas, carefully grounded in research, show how popular solutions to problems in reading instruction--mastery learning, merit pay, and school effectiveness research--actually work against improving teachers' instructional behavior and children's learning ability. A rallying call for teachers of reading, a tool for change, and a most provocative text for students of reading at all levels.... teacher-directed assessment to determine if students comprehended important information from the passage read. The literature essay included in this second Committee report presents a list of the library books and reading textbooks ... of textbooks (38) and least number of library books (8), and this ratio switches as you move down the table to eighth grade. ... Based on this finding, Housh recommends that teachers would find it more efficient to use only one set of textbooks for atanbsp;...

Title:Broken Promises
Author:Patrick Shannon
Publisher:Penn State Press - 1989


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