Brother's Keeper

Brother's Keeper

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Jason Li is seconds away from pulling the trigger to end his life. Difficult to believe considering three years ago he was on the fast track to becoming a Navy fighter pilot, following in the footsteps of his older brother and modern combat ace, Lt. Jordan Li. But now Jordan is dead; killed in what the Navy claims was a qfreak accidentq over the Pacific Ocean. Jason never got over the death of his brother-his mentor, his hero. Now discharged from the Navy for chronic mental breakdown, Jason has no career, no family and no reason to live. It's time to finish it. He begins to squeeze the trigger when suddenly- The doorbell rings. Standing there is a stranger who informs him that everything the Navy told him was a lie--a stratagem for one of the most daring Black Ops missions ever attempted. His brother was the centerpiece of that operation which has now reached critical mass. The Navy has reason to believe that Jordan may not be dead after all. They need Jason-enraged, victimized and unstable-to find his brother deep within China. If he accepts, the Pentagon gives him his life back, and the chance to fly the most advanced fighter plane ever designed. But if he refuses, hundreds of thousands of people will die.The F-1a#39;s advanced stealth properties and radar-absorbing skin made its massive and ultra-expensive hypersonic engines all but unneeded. ... would lobby and win the complete funding for a fleet of Manual Pilotless Drone (MPD) jets and corresponding simulators, which proved an eye-popping ... The family vigil was to be a bit different today with the arrival of guests that they had to pick up at the airport.

Title:Brother's Keeper
Author:Joaquin De Torres, Dr Joseph De Dr Torres - 2012-11-01


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