Building a Better Delivery System:

Building a Better Delivery System:

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In a joint effort between the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine, this books attempts to bridge the knowledge/awareness divide separating health care professionals from their potential partners in systems engineering and related disciplines. The goal of this partnership is to transform the U.S. health care sector from an underperforming conglomerate of independent entities (individual practitioners, small group practices, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, community health centers et. al.) into a high performance qsystemq in which every participating unit recognizes its dependence and influence on every other unit. By providing both a framework and action plan for a systems approach to health care delivery based on a partnership between engineers and health care professionals, Building a Better Delivery System describes opportunities and challenges to harness the power of systems-engineering tools, information technologies and complementary knowledge in social sciences, cognitive sciences and business/management to advance the U.S. health care system.Ford Motor Company spent millions to develop the Jaguar Lemans racing car, a vehicle that will only be used in races. ... claiming the technology developed would also be used in the manufacture of new cars for consumers (e.g., the Ford Focus). ... It was recalled six times in its first year. ... When clinical service chiefs at major institutions were asked how their senior leaders evaluate them, they all said byanbsp;...

Title:Building a Better Delivery System:
Author:Committee on Engineering and the Health Care System, Institute of Medicine, Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Engineering
Publisher:National Academies Press - 2005-09-20


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