Building A House Day-By-Day

Building A House Day-By-Day

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You've looked at plan books and dreamed. Maybe you've bought land or have had some passed down to you. You think you are ready to build. Don't know where to go from here? How can you pull off juggling your job, personal life and building a house all at the same time? Taking the first step to building a house can be scary. It's like jumping into freezing cold water then looking for sharks. There are so many things to consider-contractors, permits, banks, subcontracting, materials, pricing and so much more. Follow along as the author takes you step-by-step into his building process from start to finish. You'll learn from his mistakes and successes as you go day-by-day into what it's like to build the house you've been planning all along. At the end of the build, you too will have the confidence to go forth with your plans. When you finally move in, you'll know it can be a tough and grueling experience, but worth every effort!We had some difficulty in determining the needs of the site for temporary electric service and pole, so I had my contractor call the power company on his cell phone while we were on site. They should send someone out on Monday morning toanbsp;...

Title:Building A House Day-By-Day
Author:Tad Phipps
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-05-13


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