Building a Roll-Off Roof or Dome Observatory

Building a Roll-Off Roof or Dome Observatory

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Almost every practical astronomer eventually aspires to have a fixed, permanent observatory for his or her telescope. A roll-off roof or dome observatory is the answer for the most popular home observatory design. Building a Roll-Off or Dome Observatory will help you decide whether to embark on the venture and will certainly increase your enthusiasm for the project. The author, both an amateur astronomer and a professional landscape architect, answers many of the common questions asked about observatory construction, covering the following topics: a€c Zoning, and by-law requirements common to most states, towns and municipalities a€c Where to locate the observatory a€c How to tailor the observatory for your particular needs a€c Tools and structural components required a€c Possible variations in design a€c How to combine the structure with other structures (incorporating a garden patio under the gantry in the roll-off roof observatory, for example) This fully detailed outlines step-by-step construction, with professional detailed diagrams for each phase of construction.No matter what a thief does to the hinges (even remove them completely) he cannot pull the door past the nails pinning it. ... The following diagram illustrates the pre-hung door assembly technique after the rough opening has been completed.

Title:Building a Roll-Off Roof or Dome Observatory
Author:John Stephen Hicks
Publisher:Springer - 2015-11-28


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