Building Better Families

Building Better Families

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For more than a decade, Matthew Kelly has been traveling the world inspiring people to become the-best-version-of-themselves. During this time he has been amazed at how regularly he is asked: How do I encourage my children to embrace this message? How does your message apply to a family? Now, for the first time, Kelly shares with us remarkable insights and sensible everyday strategies for transforming the family into what it should be: a place where each of us can become the-best-version-of-ourselves. Beginning with an exploration of the changing face of the family in our culture, Kelly sets every reader at ease by explaining: a€œA family is not what we think a family should be, or what we hope to have, or should have, or what would be ideala€“a family is what we actually have. A family is the one wea€™ve got.a€ Nor can a family ever be perfect, he goes on to explain. a€œPerfect families exist only in our minds, and it is these imaginings that are very often the enemy of our ability to enjoy the wonderful family we already have, or might have if we made it just that little bit more of a priority.a€ In Building Better Families, Kelly explores important issues by raising evocative questions: What makes a successful parent? Do you realize that your children are in the middle of a cultural war? What are the five things children really need? Are you asking your children the right questions? What are you teaching your children about work, money, food, exercise, body image, and sex? What are the priorities of your family culture? Every page of this book is filled with examples that can be applied to your daily experience of parenting and family, while at the same time illuminating the broader and deeper significance of family for society and the future of humanity. a€œThe family is at once a deeply personal experience and the cornerstone of all great societies, a€ Matthew Kelly tells us. Allow this book of classic wisdom and practical insight to help you build a better family. From the Hardcover edition.Allow this book of classic wisdom and practical insight to help you build a better family. From the Hardcover edition.

Title:Building Better Families
Author:Matthew Kelly
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2008-02-26


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