Building Your Volunteer Team

Building Your Volunteer Team

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Do you find yourself again and again wondering what it would take to get some new volunteers onboard for your ministry? And yet does it seem that you are never able to focus your energy on recruitment? Maybe you find yourself saying things like: qIt s just easier for me to do it myself.q At one level, of course, this is true. Almost always, it is easier to qdo it ourselves.q We avoid the hassle of having to coordinate and communicate. We avoid having to follow up with people who drop the ball. Youth leaders Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman have heard dozens of reasons why leaders choose not to build a solid volunteer team. But faithful ministry is not a do-it-yourself project. It s more than just recruitinga€”it involves changing the culture of your ministry so that volunteers want to become involved.That's why they have developed this 30-day change approach. In these pages you will find the step-by-step support you need to actually make one of the most important changes you want to see in your ministry. DeVries and Stratman are so commited to the ideas that they offer the following guarantee: If you work this 30-day process for one to two hours a day, six days a week, for 30 days, and it does not create significant change in your ministry, Ministry Architects will gladly refund the cost of this book and offer a credit of $20 toward any downloadable resource in their online store at You have so little to risk and everything to gain. It's time to put together that team you've been longing for!Your balcony time is likely the most important time youa#39;ll spend this week. ... Print out that list, including the role that each person has agreed to, and display it prominently in your office. 2. ... with your family, time for specific spiritual disciplines and (of course) during these thirty days, two hours daily focused on building your volunteer team. 3. Complete your calendar for the week, including all currently scheduled appointments (including meetings, programs and any other commitments).

Title:Building Your Volunteer Team
Author:Mark DeVries, Nate Stratman
Publisher:InterVarsity Press - 2014-12-03


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