Bullet Rain

Bullet Rain

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WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS Nova is a free man. Having just walked away as a non-sanctioned hit man for the U.S. government, he's purchased a classic Mustang to drive across the country. But when his car breaks down in the middle of the Nevada desert, Nova ends up in the small town of Parrot Spur. There's something strange about Parrot Spur. Something ... off. Maybe it's the fact the town is full of ex-servicemen. Maybe it's the fact the abandoned mine might not be abandoned. Maybe ita€™s the fact the knockout brunette in the bar is clearly more than what she seems. In the end, none of it matters. What matters a€” and what Nova is soon going to learn a€” is that in the desert, the only thing that rains is bullets.a€œWhy not?a€ a€œBad memories.a€ Another mile later, neither one having said a word, Nova dug his iPhone out of his pocket and watched the ... a€œThata#39;s what I first thought, too, a€ Nova said, a€œbut so far my phone hasna#39;t lost a signal yet.a€ They drove for several more minutes in silence. Nova kept an eye on his phone, while also keeping an eye on the highway in front of them, and at one point he said, a€œStop the car.

Title:Bullet Rain
Author:Robert Swartwood
Publisher:RMS Press -


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