Burning the Page

Burning the Page

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A groundbreaking vision on the future of reading, from an early innovator on Amazon's Kindle team. Is digital the death knell for print? Or will it reinvigorate the written word? What will happen to bookstores, book browsing, libraries, even autographs? Will they die outa€”or evolve into something new? In Burning the Page, digital pioneer Jason Merkoski charts the ebook revolution's striking impact on the ways in which we create, discover, and share ideas. From the sleek halls of Silicon Valley to the jungles of Southeast Asia, Merkoski explores how ebooks came to be and predicts innovative and interactive ways digital content will shape our lives. Throughout, you are invited to continue the conversation online and help shape this exciting new world of qReading 2.0.q For those who love books, collect books, own an e-reader, vow never to own one, or simply want to know where books are headed, this is a crucial guide to both the future of reading and to our digital culture as a whole.But if books could bleed, youa#39;d find their graveyards overseas. Youa#39;d find burial pits, unmarked graves, and hundreds of thousands of casualties. But all this was needed to launch the Kindle; we couldna#39;t just launch a hardware product without anbsp;...

Title:Burning the Page
Author:Jason Merkoski
Publisher:Sourcebooks, Inc. - 2013-08-06


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