Business E-mail Etiquette

Business E-mail Etiquette

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This fifth book by Judith Kallos on E-mail Etiquette, covers the best practices and nuances specifically as they apply to Business E-mail Etiquette. In this qManual, q Judith details all the important topics, issues and skills that every business onliner needs to be aware of and embrace to ensure they are perceived as tech savvy professionals. Online, you generally only have one chance to make a positive impression when communicating with new customers and partners. Lack of proper Business E-mail Etiquette can lend to you being perceived as a fish out of water. This qManualq is all you need and covers it all to ensure you are perceived positively and rise above your perceived competitors!The Manual Blogger, Consultant Judith, Author Kallos, Judith Kallos. When it comes to your e-mails how does the person on the other side comprehend your intent or meaning? By the words ... Nihil est in intellectu quod non fuit prius in sensu.

Title:Business E-mail Etiquette
Author:Blogger, Consultant Judith, Author Kallos, Judith Kallos - 2008-07-01


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