Business Informatics

Business Informatics

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This study gives an overview about the Business Informatics discipline in Australia with a strong focus on Business Informatics aspects at Australian universities. Therefore the different terms Business Informatics and Information Systems (IS) are defined first in chapter 2. The approach taken to exploring Business Informatics at Australian universities was to conduct intensive interviews with eleven Australian university IS academics within the following states and territories of the country: Queensland, New South Wales, The Australian National Capital and Victoria. Questions were asked relating to the specific universitiy, the educational Business Informatics courses on offer, the organisational structure and cultural aspects within the Business Informatics discipline. The results of the interviews are then supported by a strong web and literature review and are shown summarized in chapter 3. Additional information was obtained by the 13th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) from 4th to 6th of December 2002 at the Victoria University Building in Melbourne. The conference gave an insight into topics as Online Learning, the IS discipline at universities and Approaches for Problem-Based Learning in Information Systems. These conference papers are summarized presented in chapter 4. This detailed overview of IS in Australian universities can then be compared to the Business Informatics discipline in German universities. Several aspects are considered for this in chapter 5 like the educational offers within this discipline area, the organisational structure of Business Informatics/IS within universities and cultural aspects in dependence to the structure of the interview guideline. Differences and similarities within the Business Informatics/IS discipline in higher education between Germany and Australia are explored, which is the aim of this study. Additional recommendations from the author should be seen as a thought-provoking-impulse and support further development in higher education. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: Abstracti Declarationii Acknowledgementsiii List of Tablesiv List of Figuresvi Glossary of Acronymsviii 1INTRODUCTION1 1.1MOTIVATION5 1.2OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY10 1.3RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND DELIMITATIONS11 1.4STRUCTURE OF THE THESIS13 2BUSINESS INFORMATICS IN AUSTRALIA: A DEFINITION FROM A GERMAN PERSPECTIVE15 3INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND RELATEDSTUDIES AT AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES22 3.1IS STRUCTURES AT AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES22 3.2STUDYING INFORMATION SYSTEMS AT AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES29 3.2.1IS Degrees29 3.2.2Requirements for Studying IS33 3.2.3Fees for Studying IS36 3.2.4Examples of two IS degree description37 3.3TEACHING METHODS AND QUALITY ASSURANCE IN THE IS DISCIPLINE41 3.3.1Teaching Methods41 3.3.2Quality Assurance43 3.4VISITED UNIVERSITIES46 3.4.1Central Queensland University (CQU)47 3.4.2Deakin University (Deakin)50 3.4.3Queensland University of Technology (QUT)53 3.4.4University of Queensland (UQ)56 3.4.5University of New South Wales (UNSW)58 3.4.6University of Sydney (Sydney)60 3.4.7University of Technology Sydney (UTS)62 3.4.8Australian National University (ANU)65 3.4.9University of Canberra (UC)67 3.4.10Monash University (Monash)70 3.4.11University of Melbourne (UniMelb)72 3.4.12Summary and Conclusion75 4STATE-OF-THE-ART OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS AT AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES REFERED TO THE 13TH AUSTRALASIAN CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 2002, MELBOURNE83 4.1DISCUSSING THE IS DISCIPLINE83 4.2A PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING APPROACH FOR IS85 4.3TEACHING ONLINE87 4.4CONCLUSION90 5FINDINGS91 5.1EDUCATIONAL BUSINESS INFORMATICS/IS OFFERS AT UNIVERSITIES92 5.1.1Business Informatics/IS Degrees92 5.1.2Business Informatics/IS Discipline Curriculum And Single Subjects95 5.1.3Business Informatics/IS Teaching Methods And Quality Assurance99 5.2ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF BUSINESS INFORMATICS/IS IN UNIVERSITIES102 5.2.1Location Of Schools/Departments And Chairs Within Faculties102 5.2.2Organisational Structure Of Business Informatics/IS Departments/Schools And Chairs104 5.2.3The Academic Career Path106 5.2.4Financial Aspects And The Contribution Of Study Fees109 5.3CULTURAL ASPECTS111 5.3.1The Level Of Internationality And Its Influence On Higher Education111 5.3.2Women In Business Informatics/IS (Students And Academics)113 5.3.3Organisational Culture115 5.3.4Alumni tradition116 5.3.5The Relationship Between Student And Academic117 5.3.6Study Fees118 5.4CONCLUSION119 6CONCLUSION120 6.1RECAPITULATION120 6.2OUTLOOK121 REFERENCES122 APPENDIX A128 APPENDIX B130 APPENDIX C132 APPENDIX D135 APPENDIX E138 APPENDIX F139Possible IS components are within the Bachelor of IT with a Business major offered from the School of Information Sciences ... A three-year PhD program in Information Sciences aamp; Engineering, which includes the IS area, was $18, 550 in 2002.

Title:Business Informatics
Author:Silke Retzer - 2003-05-18


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